33 Propane Refill Conroe TX

Propane By The Gallon

If you can legally bring the propane tank or cylinder to our location, we can refill your propane tank in Conroe Tx. If you use more than 800 gallons per year, contact us about opening a bulk discount account!

If you need propane delivery for your home or business, please call A&D Propane at (936) 231-2288 or visit them on the internet at – www.freepropane.com

All tanks filled @ $2.39 a gallon

(As of May 24 2018)

(Call For Up To Date Propane Pricing)

20 LB or 4.7 GAL Bottle – APPROX $11.23

30LB or 7.1 GAL Bottle – APPROX $16.97

40LB or 9.4 GAL Bottle – APPROX $22.47

60LB or 14.2 GAL Bottle – APPROX $33.94

100LB or 23.6 GAL Bottle – APPROX $56.40

Forklift Bottles – $2.39/Gallon

Motor Fuel $2.39/Gallon

We have room for even the largest RV’s and trucks to pull in and fill up!

Why pay $15 to $20 to exchange your 20lb propane tank, when all of the exchange companies only give you 15lbs of propane in your 20lb tank!?

You can refill a 20lb BBQ tank with us by the gallon for around $10.00!


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17048 FM 1314 RD

Conroe Texas, 77302

Propane By The Gallon CALL US!

Phone: 832-720-6050

After Hours Propane #: 281-973-6001

After hours propane – We work too much so if you want to come by outside of these hours, chances are that we will be there! Just call before you come for confirmation.

When you exchange a propane tank, you only get 15 lbs or 3.5 gallons! Get a full 20 pounds vs the 15 pounds that you get with an exchange propane, for less than half the price! That’s 33% more for 50% less!

 (Versus a $19.95 exchange for 15 lbs)

*Customers Are Responsible For Loading Their Own Bottles*

If You Are Handicapped Or Need Special Assistance Please Call To Make Prior Arrangements With Management – Thank You!

If you are in need of a propane refill Conroe Tx, we can help!

Licensee: 33 Solutions LLC

License #: 23636

License Expiration Date: 9/30/2018